Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use the site?

Nothing! It's free!

Your site has helped me, how can I repay you?

The best way to repay us is to spread good word about our site either on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or adding a link to us from your website or blog. The more people we reach, the better!

If you want to buy us a beer, you can use the PayPal donate button:

You can also donate via Bitcoin:

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I am a beginner, can I use this site?

Of course you can. The site is aimed at musicians at all skill levels. If you're a beginner you will probably take a bit more time studying an exercise than actually playing it so try with shorter sessions at first as they will still take you quite some time. A lot of exercises here are metronome based so just start slow and be confident, even if it sounds lousy at first. Nobody was born a perfect musician, it's all about practice.

What is the advantage of being a registered user?

Unregistered users always get random practice sessions which means there are more chances for repetition and you do not get to practice some exercises. If you are registered, all your progress is tracked and you will get different variations and different exercises each time.

Registered users can also manually set their own practice sessions.

I wanted a 15 minute exercise but got a 20 minute exercise, what gives?

Due to different durations of exercises, you can sometimes get an exercise that is 5 minutes longer than what you wished for. We promise it will never be more than that.

My 30 minute practice session took me one hour, what gives?

This happens at first when you are unfamiliar with the exercises. Think of it like this - first you have to understand and absorb the exercise and only then you practice the motorics of it. If you are on tight time constraints you can do one of the two things: start the timer when you start reading the exercise so that the understanding and absorbing time is taken into account or request shorter sessions than you can actually afford time-wise.

The most important thing here is that you keep practicing regularly. You will get the hang of the exercises and will stay on time in a week or so of daily practice.

What is the recommended practice session time?

This depends totally on how much time you have. When choosing the amount of time to practice the most important thing to know is this: it's better to practice every day for a small chunk then play one day for a couple of hours straight followed by a two week hiatus. Don't worry if you miss a day of practice here and then, but a daily practice session of even thirty minutes can do wonders in the long term.

I practice and practice but am getting worse!

You're not getting worse. This is completely normal. Your brain just needs energy to accumulate all you've learned and practiced. Take a break and when your head is clear the feeling will disappear. Everything you have practiced will sound even better when you'll be rested.

When will new instruments be added and which will they be?

The first two instruments planned after the guitar are the bass guitar and the ukulele. They will be released as soon as we have compiled enough exercises to constitute a balanced practice session of a normal length. Then we will periodically add new exercises for these instruments as well.

I wrote some exercises. Can you add them to your site?

You can submit your exercises along with any tablature, diagrams and images to us by e-mail. Address it to and your exercises will be considered for inclusion in the MusicDiscipline exercise base. While writting down the exercise please keep in mind different levels of players and try to make them understandable for beginners as well as experienced players. We only accept original work (do not copy articles from magazines or books word for word), and reserve the right to reject any exercises that we deem unacceptable at our discretion. We also reserve the right to edit your exercises (e. g. adding new variations of it). You will be credited for all accepted exercises.

Got more questions?

Please join us in the forum and ask anything you want.

Also feel free to contact us at any time, we're a friendly bunch. This is our email: