16th note alternate picking position shifting

Aim of the exercise: Learn to play scales horizontally on two string and efficiently shift you hand up and down the neck.
Exercise type: Alternate Picking
Starting tempo: 72 beats per minute
Duration: 10 minutes

Climbing the neck horizontally on two strings

In this exercise we will take a scale and lay it down horizontally on the 1st and 2nd string. You will learn two licks that shift between two positions (one shifts upward, the other downward). You will then learn the whole sequence where the lick is repeated but diatonically shifted so that it conforms to the scale. You will be climbing on the neck horizontally!

Each shift will occur on a downstroke, so you'll get a really good feeling for it after playing it a couple of times. When going fast, this licks sound crazy!

You'll only be playing 16th notes, so that's 8 notes per position, then shift!


C - major D - major E - major F - major G - major A - major B - major

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