16th notes pull offs and hammer ons

Aim of the exercise: Practice hammer-ons and pull offs on cool licks used in rock music.
Exercise type: Legato
Starting tempo: 60 beats per minute
Duration: 10 minutes

Combine hammer ons and pull offs, end with a slide!

In this exercise you'll be performing pull-offs and hammer-ons.

A hammer-on is a way you play a certain note on a guitar. You perform a hammer-on by sharply bringing down a fretting finger on a string so that a note sounds without picking it with your picking hand.

The opposite of a hammer-on is a pull-off. You are fretting two notes on the same string and then strike the string. After the sound is made you pull the string with the finger that frets the higher note and lift it off the fretboard. The lower note on the same string and fretted by a different finger will sound afterwards!

You will practice three licks on different patterns of the A minor pentatonic scale.


The first pattern The second pattern The third pattern The fourth pattern The fifth pattern

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