Double pentatonics

Aim of the exercise: Learn how to use pentatonic shapes with both hands.
Exercise type: Tapping
Starting tempo: 60 beats per minute
Duration: 5 minutes

Do it like Jennifer Batten!

Tapping is as a technique where you produce notes by hammering on and pulling off the fretboard with the fingers of your picking hand (usually right hand, left if you play leftie guitar). This way you can play legato style with wide interval skips.

When you tap you have to find a resting place for your right hand thumb. A good right hand thumb resting place is the top edge of the fretboard.

In this exercise we will take one of the pentatonic shapes and double it with the right hand a fourth higher. Notes will be played alternately going up and down the scale. You will tap the notes on the higher scale and pull them off to sound the notes of the lower scale.

Make sure to use all available fingers to tap the higher scale

A word of warning: By using double pentatonics as in this exercise you're no longer only playing the pentatonic scale but the major/minor scale! To keep only in the pentatonics you can combine different pentatonic patterns from the pentatonic exercises (e.g. pattern 3 and pattern 5).


The first pattern The second pattern The third pattern The fourth pattern The fifth pattern

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