Pedal Tone Alternate Picking

Aim of the exercise: Practice a pedal tone lick on a three note per string scale.
Exercise type: Alternate Picking
Starting tempo: 60 beats per minute
Duration: 5 minutes

a.k.a. neo-classical metal licks

Pedal tone licks are licks where you constantly alternate between a note (or melody) that stays the same and a note that changes. What this sometimes means for the right hand is that it must often skip some strings to do this, so it's pretty cool to practice it every so often! Since that often is now, here's the gist of it:

The melody will just be descending and ascending notes from the scale, and the pedal tone will be the highest note in the pattern. The melody will throughout this exercise always be played with downstrokes, the pedal tone will be always played with an upstroke.

Start off slow and clean!


C - Ionian D - Dorian E - Phrygian F - Lydian G - Mixolydian A - Aeolian B - locrian

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