Single string alternate picking

Aim of the exercise: Develop a good right hand picking technique.
Exercise type: Alternate Picking
Starting tempo: 60 beats per minute
Duration: 10 minutes

We'll practice on each and every one of 'em!

Alternate picking is, as you may already know, a way to pick strings evenly and uniformly from above (downstroke) or from below (upstroke) the string.

Usually picking fast on an open string is not a problem - the problem is the synchronization of the picking and the fretting hand. To achieve good synchronization you need to practice, practice, practice. And this is just what you'll be doing in this exercise.

You'll be alternately picking up and down each note while ascending and descinding with your fretting hand on each string. You will start with the highest string and continue to the lowest.

When building speed in alternate picking you will notice that it's not about moving your hand faster but just about minimizing your movements - try to be economic as possible and keep your picking hand as relaxed as possible!

Up and down the string

We go up the string first!

single string ascending

What goes up, must come down:

single string descending

Repeat this on all six strings!

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Start practicing! How much time do you have? In minutes.