Single string tapping

Aim of the exercise: Train all your fingers for tapping with simple single-string exercises.
Exercise type: Tapping
Starting tempo: 60 beats per minute
Duration: 10 minutes

All strings, all fingers!

Tapping is as a technique where you produce notes by hammering on and pulling off the fretboard with the fingers of your picking hand (usually right hand, left if you play leftie guitar). This way you can play legato style with wide interval skips.

When you tap you have to find a resting place for your right hand thumb or the ball of your hand if you're only tapping with the middle finger. A good right hand thumb resting place is the top edge of the fretboard.

In this exercise you will be tapping with each finger separately - index, middle, ring and pinky. You will play with all four fingers on one string then move on to the next string.

Just remember - when you tap, the tapping motion must come from the fingers, not from the wrist!

All strings, all fingers - 16th note sextuplets.

Watch out for the symbols:

You'll be playing two licks. The first one has two taps, the second one has a pull off to the open string.

Play them on all strings with all four fingers of your right hand: index, middle, ring and pinky!

Don't worry if it's a bit hard with some of the fingers, you'll get round to it - if not today, some other day. Remember how your fretting hand was when you started playing guitar?

Lick 1:

lick 1

Lick 2:

lick 2

Play on all six strings with all four fingers of the right hand!

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