String skip tapping

Aim of the exercise: Practice tapping while skipping strings with the fretting hand.
Exercise type: Tapping
Starting tempo: 60 beats per minute
Duration: 5 minutes

Playing familiar stuff with large interval skips

Tapping is as a technique where you produce notes by hammering on and pulling off the fretboard with the fingers of your picking hand (usually right hand, left if you play leftie guitar). This way you can play legato style with wide interval skips.

Let's say we want to break out the traditional pentatonic tapping licks and spice them up a bit by introducing even larger intervals between notes. We do this by string skipping! It's basically the same as regular playing but you're not playing on consecutive strings anymore, you're skipping some of them!

These licks can be somewhat strenuous for the fretting hand so don't overplay.


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